Frequently Asked Questions About Allaire

Efforts to engage an experienced, high quality private health care organization to operate Morris View Healthcare Center have been ongoing. The county issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in March for the potential leasing of Morris View.  Allaire Healthcare Group of Freehold has been selected to operate Morris View.

Below are answers to questions you may have about these changes at Morris View.

Who is Allaire?

Allaire Healthcare Group is a successful subacute and long-term care provider.  In 2015, they bought the John L. Montgomery Nursing Home in Monmouth County and established Allaire, located on Dutch Lane in Freehold.  We invite you to look at their website to get more familiar with them.

You can also contact Brie A. Gallo, Vice President of Operations, at [email protected].

What is the timeframe for Allaire to provide leadership to Morris View?

While the County and Allaire work with the State on transitioning the license to operate the facility, as of July 1, 2017, Allaire will function as the Management Entity contracted with the County to oversee the operation.  A full transition is not anticipated until November of this year.

Will there be major changes?

There will be NO immediate changes.  Open communication is a priority and any developments will be shared.  There will be opportunities for public forums to meet with Allaire staff at dates to be determined.

Will the Name Change?

Morris View Healthcare Center is a long-standing part of the Community, and will continue to be known as such.

Is Morris View still accepting admissions?

YES!  Morris View is actively seeking referrals and welcomes all to come and tour the facility.

Will Medicaid still be accepted?

YES!  Medicaid is an important part of accessing long-term care for many families.

Will the pricing structure change?

Current rates will remain at this time.  Should changes occur in the future, residents and families will be consulted.

Will any residents be asked to leave?

NO!  No residents will be displaced!

Will the nurses and doctors still be there?

YES!  The goal is to keep continuity of care for the residents and ensure access to the highest quality medical care.

How will spiritual care change?

It will not.  Spiritual needs are a critical component of resident care, and as such, will continue to be respected and provided for.

Will Visiting Hours Change?

NO!  Visiting loved ones at Morris View is encouraged and ability to do so will not be reduced.

Will Salon Services remain?

YES!  The residents have expressed this to be a top priority for them; therefore, it is a priority for us!

Will the resident field trips continue?

YES!  Being an active part of the community is vital to the mental health and well-being of the residents and they will continue.

Will the community volunteer program continue?

YES!  Morris View volunteers are extremely important and a valued part of the operation.  We hope that all current volunteers remain connected, and we can continue to build upon the friends and families of Morris View who volunteer their time and talents to our residents!

Will I still be allowed to bring my pet to the facility?

Pet therapy will continue, and we are fond of visits from our canine and feline friends!  As long as the owners provide the appropriate vaccination history to administration, furry friends are welcome.

Will the Thrift Shop continue to operate?

YES!  The thrift store is run and operated exclusively by the resident council and is a wonderful way for the residents to shop as well as give back to the community.  Proceeds from the thrift shop are donated annually by the resident council to local and national charitable organizations of their choosing.

What is the benefit of leasing Morris View related to resident needs?

Leasing provides the operator the ability to respond to resident needs in real time.  They are not a government entity, bound by the purchasing laws and procurement processes, allowing for them to negotiate the best pricing and expedite goods and services.

Will there be a role for the family and friends group?

Friends and family are extremely important to Morris View, and as such there will be an emphasis on engaging this group even more to provide a voice to families and friends in efforts to enhance the quality and experience of care.  Participation remains strongly encouraged and open to all!